GRE quant problem walkthrough: Decimals

Tyler York

In this video, Achievable GRE course author Matt Roy explains how to determine the value of the nth term in a decimal. First he will show you how to find the pattern in the decimals, and then he will show you how to determine the value in the nth place.

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Full GRE quant problem walkthrough: Decimals video transcript:

This next question is a relatively simple question that becomes much easier with just one trick. The question asks for the 12th digit after the decimal of 4 / 11. Well, if you were to put that into the jury calculator, you would find that it doesn't actually tell you what the 12th digit is. Because the calculator is not large enough, it doesn't actually go that far.
What you may look for and you may find a pattern in the digits 4 / 11 in the calculator gives you .3636 repeating. If it asks for the 12th digit, then it is essentially asking for an even place in the line. For example, the first number is 3.
All odd places after must also be three. So the third, the 5th, the 7th are also three. That means all even places. So the second, the 4th, the 6th or the 8th and the 10th and the 12th must also be 6. That means that the 12th digit in the line is 6. And this is a common motif in giri questions, oftentimes the giri calculator.
Doesn't actually allow you to answer a question, but if you look for a pattern in the decimals, you could easily determine what that digit must be down the line.
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