GRE test fee hike from November 2022

Tyler York

Over 700,000 people take the GRE each year, making it one of the largest standardized tests in the country. The GRE is commonly taken by people looking to attend graduate schools in the United States and Canada. 

So how much is the GRE test fee? That number is going up. ETS, the makers of the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) exam, have announced that the fees for taking the GRE are increasing. Starting November 1st, 2022, the GRE General Test fee will increase by $15 USD worldwide. This means that any tests registered after November 1st will be subject to the following new prices:

New GRE test fees – starting November 1, 2022

LocationOld feeNew fee
Rest of world$205$220

Their additive fees, such as for special handling requests or scoring services, are not changing on November 1st, 2022 to the best of our knowledge. Those fees are as follows

Special Handling RequestFee
Rescheduling fee - China$53.90
Rescheduling fee - Rest of world$50
Changing test center (worldwide)$50

These fees will bring the cost of the GRE closer to that of its rival exam focused on business schools, the GMAT. GRE vs. GMAT test fees are more similar now, with the GRE at $220 and the GMAT at $250 in most countries.

How can I get a GRE fee waiver?

While $15 may not seem like a substantial amount for some, every dollar counts for lower income test takers. While ETS does not totally waive GRE test fees, you can apply for ETS’ Fee Reduction program to substantially reduce the price of taking the GRE. 

If you’re worried about the GRE General Test fee increase, you can register for your GRE before November 1st, or you can apply for ETS’ Fee Reduction Program. Beginning November 1st, 2022, individuals who receive a GRE Fee Reduction voucher only have to pay $100 to register for the GRE General Test. The price of the GRE Subject Test with a GRE Fee Reduction voucher is unchanged at $75. This fee reduction voucher update is a welcome sight for those who will be pursuing this option.

Here’s the GRE Fee Reduction Request form and instructions if you’d like to pursue that option. In order to be eligible, you must either meet the ETS’ requirements for those with financial aid, for those who are unemployed, or for members of programs that support underrepresented groups. To see if you qualify, see “Who is eligible?” on ETS’ website on the topic.

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