Introducing Achievable GRE test prep

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Screenshot of the Achievable GRE course

Today, we’re excited to introduce our latest Achievable course – Achievable GRE! Achievable’s new GRE test prep course has industry-leading features and adaptive learning backed by our memory enhancing algorithm.

About Achievable GRE test prep

Screenshot of the Achievable GRE test prep course

Screenshot of the Achievable GRE test prep course

The Achievable GRE course contains everything you already love about Achievable:

  • Great product experience, especially on mobile
  • No-nonsense writing style
  • Memory tracking reinforced by intelligent quizzes
  • Dynamic test questions that prepare you for the real exam

In addition, we’ve built a bunch of new features related to the GRE and its content that will help you prepare for the intricacies of the test.

About the author

Matt Roy bio pic

To develop this course, we partnered with Matt Roy. Matt enjoys making the learning process both fun and accessible for any kind of learner. He has over 500 hours of GRE tutoring experience for a wide variety of students as both a Kaplan and independent instructor. He personally studied for the GRE without internet connection in the Atlas Mountains. If that piques your interest, you are welcome to ask him how that went! He loves telling a good story.

Release milestones

The full Achievable GRE course is now complete, and includes:

Online textbook

Our comprehensive online textbook. Easy to read, mobile-friendly, and with detailed breakdowns of sample questions.

Quantitative question bank

Practice with an infinite amount of GRE quantitative questions. We randomize question text and variables with 100+ templates to be sure you’re learning the concepts instead of simply recalling answers. Backed by Achievable’s memory tracking to help you study effectively.

Verbal / reading comprehension

200+ high-quality hand-crafted verbal / reading comprehension questions. Backed by Achievable’s memory tracking to help you study effectively.


1500+ vocabulary words and a tool to see real-world usage examples. Backed by Achievable’s memory tracking to help you study effectively.

Machine-learning, instant essay grading

Instant grading of essays through the use of AI/ML, very similar to the scoring mechanisms used by the ETS.

Join the conversation

In addition to the GRE course, we have also launched a new Discourse forum – – for discussing the GRE, FINRA SIE, FINRA Series 7, and USMLE Step 1. Feel free to join in on the discussion even if you’re not an Achievable customer.

Thank you for your support

Achievable recently celebrated our four year anniversary, and we wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you for trusting us with your most important exams.

Thank you,

The Achievable team

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Achievable's GRE course includes endless quantitative quizzes, 10 verbal reasoning practice exams, 1,500 vocabulary flashcards, and our easy-to-understand online textbook with proven strategies to hit your target score.
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