Achievable launches Achievable Scholarship program to give students access to free USMLE test prep and more

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Now more than ever, students need a hand. With COVID-19, student-friendly jobs are harder to come by and families have less money to spare. We remember our days in college living on a tight budget and doing odd jobs for money. That’s why we created the Achievable Scholarship program to give all college students the ability to get free USMLE Step 1 test prep, free GRE test prep, SIE exam prep free, Series 7 exam prep free, and more.

Achievable test prep is a platform focused on career-advancing and achievement-oriented exams. We currently have courses for the GRE, FINRA SIE, FINRA Series 7, USMLE Step 1, and AMC-8 – with more in development. 

Each of our courses offers rich textbook content, reviews backed by a memory science algorithm, and full practice exams to help students prepare for their exams. Our motto is “learn by doing”, and we believe that we’ve built the best platform for training people to pass tests. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of test prep: with Achievable, you study, you follow our program, you know where you stand, and when you’re ready – you succeed. That’s the Achievable difference.

This approach is especially suited for today’s students. Studying is difficult – it requires consistent motivation, accountability, a schedule you stick to, and engaging material that keeps you from getting bored. We built Achievable to provide that motivation and accountability aspect, and to keep you engaged with bite-sized, approachable content. Plus, with everyone on their phone, a great mobile experience is a must. Achievable has that covered – about 50% of our students’ studying is done on their mobile device.
The Achievable Scholarship program is open to students in the US. We don’t require an essay because you already have enough to do. Winners are awarded each month. To learn more, visit

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