GRE Snacks 8 – How to get a real break on the GRE

Tyler York
GRE Snacks

Want a real break on the GRE exam? Let us introduce you to The Park Screen Methodtm – Orion’s one weird trick for getting you a break that’s as long as you want on the GRE computer-delivered test. Doctors hate him 😉

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GRE Snacks 8 – How to get a real break on the GRE transcript:

 Welcome to GRE snacks Vacaville episodes about the GRE exam and graduate school admission. I'm Tyler founder of achievable. Let's get started. Today. We are going to talk about how to use your brakes effectively in the GRE. This is something he says is top-of-mind for a lot of years didn't see you're preparing with right now A Ryan and also something called the park screen method which sounds interesting and I'd love to hear more about others as sort of a tactic in that will have sure your brakes effectively is an essential component of effective performance. I usually say that to students when they first come to me that getting a question right is actually the easiest part of this test in the question was just the beginning. The next step is green a question right in 90 seconds or less and that's where you kind of need strategies and techniques to hack the question to get the most direct.
 But then it's a question of getting the question correctly within 90 seconds or less a hundred in a row over four straight hours. And that's a huge jump to top percentile performance on the exam. You need like consistent mindfulness over an extended. Of time. It's extremely difficult even for hours anymore. So when in our lives do we sit down and focus on one thing for four straight hours and it's like every single step of every single problem 100 in a row and that's how you can get a perfect square is a lot of work.
 A big part of that is managing concentration of fatigue. Sometimes students want to just rip out run their fatigue. They feel the adrenaline of the tests. They're thinking I just want to power through this. I'm going to Sprint and I can finish before I really get tired and I've never seen a person who can finish the GRE as strong as they start with that message.
 Basically, it works until it doesn't and it generally doesn't he stops working at around our three Witch of everything is going according to plan is when you should be expecting the hardest problems on a test because it has adapted and that's when you should expect to encounter the hardest question in the last hour. So if you don't cut up like Steve some juice in the tank, you're going to be flagging right when you need the most energy for that last up hill climbs that makes sense. That makes sense. So you think that's all well and good on the GRE offers us that mean they're just their paltry are there like crumbs. I mean you get that one ten-minute break about 2 hours into the test and then officially just get these little 62nd.
 I don't even know what that little Interruption interruptions breathers. Maybe maybe you're back on the Sprint. So that's not really a lot of time.
 So when I talked to students about is finding ways to artificially extend your brakes while you're taking the test by taking advantage of let's say
 An oversight in the text Test instructions. This is totally legal. It's a part of the test itself, but I guess it's something that the engineer is left out when they were constructing the test. I don't know. It's like you don't call attention to this fact, but it's a fact of the test and the fact that estimate referring to is that almost every screen on the GRE has a timer in the upper right hand corner such that when you that timer reaches zero in automatically progressed the test the next screen whether you're ready or not. So it's like a moving train just keeps going actions that doesn't have a timer on it and you can park there for as long as you need to to artificially extend your breaks between sections and that's why I called this the park screen because you can just
 Post up there and and take a breather a real breather. Not a 60 second break in the Nets over to be here are the instructions to the next section in 60 seconds to fraction the next time Twenty Questions promised him so you can actually extend this for a significant amount of time. I've had students test this out. I think the record is a 15 minute break and they were sitting at the testing center. They were sitting on the porch in 15 minutes. Noah come up to them at that point. That was as far as they felt they needed to extend their break, but I think you could basically do it indefinitely.
 Interesting. And so this isn't like this isn't counting against your time limit either in total for the whole test or for a section. It just like kind of doesn't exist because we talkin about something that exists between sections and it's not like somebody is watching you all that carefully because you know different tests take different amounts of time. And if you're at a traditional testing center, not everybody is taking the GRE is 91 is starting and stopping at the same time people are coming and going with if you're taking the test done at home Administration the live proctoring. They're not just staring at you through the video camera the whole time they're monitoring dozens of students were many different kinds of tests and once so nobody is saying okay you started at noon. So you have to be done with the GRE for 15 people can be done faster than that. They could be done a little bit longer than that because of the
 Variability in the experimental section and Noah tracking you all back here. So that's why you can kind of take advantage of this. That's really good trick.
 So let's make sure that we know what the park screen is. So let's say that you're finishing your first verbal section. The timer is counting down 5 4 3 2 1 8 0 the test will automatically Progressive self to a very boring screen. It will be mostly blank and it will say something like you have now finished a verbal section. You're going to be like in most people because they're feeling the adrenaline or there's nothing that's so interesting information is Paige. They just progressed the test, but that gets them into the 60 second break. It says you have now finished a verbal section of his departure section does not have a timer. So this is the park screen you can sit there for as long as you want for as long as you need to artificially extend your breaks between sections and what I highly highly recommended students do
 Is a park there for at least 3 minutes 3 minutes minimum. Show me a Ryan you should never get thirsty. If you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated and having a drink of water at that point isn't actually going to solve the problem. So dehydration and you prevent it because once it weird to ten in the middle of a game, it's going to be a much more difficult problem fix in a short amount of time to drink water preemptively scene ever get thirsty by the same premise we're going to rest before we get time if we wait to use the park screen until we feel fatigued until we feel fuzzy and it's not going to work because that's not a problem that can be solved in a few minutes at something to eat. It's always a nap for a few hours off from the test, which unfortunately just don't get
 So the idea here is to take breaks before you need to so that you can actually finish the test with the same kind of clarity and focus it right. Yeah doesn't make sense and in yeah that was going to be my follow-up question was asking about you know, why did why do these brakes matter? Right and it is it is a little it is a little frustrating. Like maybe it's by Design may be used to prevent cheating. But just that they don't give really any breaks normally right like at the park that you need to park screen method to get a five minute break as opposed to getting one outright.
 I mean there's a lot of there's a lot about the GRE. That doesn't make sense Tyler. I mean when in grad school, are you going to sit down and do a 20-question quantitative problem in 35 minutes? I mean, it's like that's not what grad school is grad schools about doing research over years or reading a vast amount of literature in creating a research on essay. It's about collaborating on projects about time standardized test. That's that's not the skill said that you actually use in grad school. So, why do these why do these difficulties exist on the test for the reason test exists at all is because it gives grad school to legally defensible way to reject people.
 We have the tests tends to be difficult so that people have a hard time. If this were If This Were easy or easier than the test wouldn't have the same level of a discrimination markets its students which would be less useful for the University. Right? Everyone will get a good score or put another way because she owed part of what makes this test difficult. Use the time constraint is the marathon endurance of the 4 and 1/2 hour test and because of that if anything I see them adding more sections
 Right or at the experimental ones being more common something like that.
 I don't know if they make an experimental more, I guess they could they could do an experiment and an experimental verbal or just speculating. Alright? Well great. I think that one was that one. That's really good though short and sweet.
 Awesome. So it's really important these brakes before you feel like you need to so that you can finish the test with the kind of focus and Clarity that you need to implement the strategies that you've been studying correctly learn a different set of skills, but you can only Implement those skills successfully if you're like cool calm collected in focus
 Great my two cents about exactly.
 Alright, this has been GRE snacks hosted by Orion from Stellar GRE and Tyler from Achievable at Shiva Belen Orion and partner to build a great GRE course try it for free at and you can use the code podcast to get 10% off at checkout.
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