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Best GRE prep course comparison

As competition for jobs gets stiffer every year, the need to qualify and excel grows. To gain a crucial advantage means getting into a top university and a good graduate program. For that, you need top scores and a good GRE percentile within your target school’s range on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). To get there, you need the best GRE prep course.

The GRE is a professionally administered exam that evaluates students’ critical thinking required to earn a graduate degree. The test features questions that evaluate your verbal and quantitative (math) reasoning, as well as your analytical writing skills.

We know all too well that getting into a top business school or graduate program requires a GRE score that is incredibly competitive. Most business schools have an average acceptance rate of just 10.9%, and top-tier graduate programs are comparable. That’s why you’re looking for the best.

Achievable GRE course page

Achievable’s GRE course is your ticket into the country’s premier universities. Our GRE test prep content was written exclusively for us by StellarGRE’s founder, Orion Taraban, Psy.D., one of the nation’s top GRE instructors. 

Our course includes a literally infinite number of quantitative practice questions, a comprehensive online textbook, ten full-length verbal reasoning practice exams, five argument essay prompts, and five issue essay prompts, all for only $299. You can even try it entirely for free, no credit card required. Start by reading our introduction to GRE strategies and see why so many people trust Achievable for their GRE test prep. EduReview has published a great third-party Achievable review, as has ExamStrategist and TheBestDegree.

We’re so confident that Achievable GRE is the best and most effective GRE exam prep on the market that we’ve compiled a list of other courses, describing their key selling points using language from their own websites. Compare the courses, and you’ll see for yourself why Achievable is a cut above the rest.

Magoosh GRE

Magoosh offers a variety of test prep programs for different exams, including the GRE. Their GRE prep course is available in two premium plans. A month of access costs $149, while the six-month premium plan costs $179. Either one gives students access to more than 1,200 practice questions, 200+ video tutorials, 3 practice exams, flashcards, and email and chat support.

The online course is also available in a mobile app form so students can study any time and anywhere. A progress tracker and score predictor provides data on the strengths and weaknesses of a student and improves their performance. Magoosh also offers a money-back guarantee if students don’t increase their scores by at least 5 points.

Target Test Prep

Offering self-paced online learning for the GRE, Target Test Prep provides more than 3,000 GRE practice questions, over 800 video solutions, 500 plus lessons, and online live support. This GRE prep course can be adjusted according to individual needs and also has analytics to track progress and allow test takers to focus their study efforts based on their areas of strength and areas that need improvement.

Target Test Prep offers the GRE Flexible Prep package for $99 per month, and can be canceled anytime. They also offer a GRE Dedicated Study plan for $299. This package gives course enrollees unlimited access to Target Test’s resources for four months. The third plan is the GRE Maximum Learning, which provides six months of access for $399.

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review GRE Prep course offers test takers with more than 2,500 practice questions, eight practice exams, hours of video-based lessons, a study dashboard, and interactive score reports. Their Drill Smart is a tool that selects practice questions and adjusts its difficulty level based on previous test results. Princeton Review’s GRE prep course is available in self-paced, in-person, and live online learning methods.

There are four packages available for test-takers to choose from with up to four months of access. The Self-Paced option costs $399 and gives access to the Math and Verbal Fundamentals live online sessions, 8 practice tests, over 60 online drills, and interactive lessons totaling to more than 2,570 practice questions. The Fundamentals package can be taken in person or online and costs $1,099. This package features 3,500+ practice questions and over 470 online drills.  The most expensive is the GRE 162+, which costs $1,899 and provides 45 hours of live instruction by a GRE Expert plus 20 more hours of supplemental sessions, over 4,400 drills and practice questions, and one-on-one personalized study manager. Online tutoring is also available for $156 per hour.


The Kaplan GRE test prep offers a variety of options that fits a student’s need and requirement. The Self-Guided Kaplan GRE prep course costs $449 and gives students 180 plus hours of online lessons, more than 40 hours of access to the GRE Channel featuring live and recorded lessons, over 2,500 questions in the Qbank, and access to a realistic test-day scenario. Kaplan’s live, fully online GRE prep course costs $999 and comes with 21 hours of live instruction and off-screen teachers that answer questions in a private chat. The Online Course Plus plan costs $1,299 and includes extra help in GRE math and three hours of one-on-one tutoring.

Students can access the Kaplan GRE prep course for six months upon enrollment. They also offer a Higher Score Guarantee wherein the test taker will improve their score or they can retake the course for free or ask for a full refund. 


Designed by Harvard and MIT Ph.Ds, PrepScholar’s GRE test prep offers students more than 200 hours of lessons and practice tests via an interactive game-based app. The prep course features a diagnostic exam, a customized study plan, two practice exams, more than 2,000 practice questions, and 72 skill lessons. Students also get access to a math cheat sheet, 300 vocabulary exercises, and four practice essays.

The PrepScholar GRE course costs $38 for a year of access and $345 for unlimited lifetime access. Students get email support and individual progress tracker for important GRE skills for both prep options. PrepScholar GRE Prep offers a 5-day free access trial as well as a 7-point GRE score improvement guarantee or your money back.

Manhattan Prep

Get access to a self-paced and adaptive GRE prep course with Manhattan Prep. Online tutorials, over 1,000 interactive practice questions, more than 75 video lessons, as well as six full-length practice tests are available to students for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additional tools such as a mobile app and flashcards allow for learning anywhere.

Manhattan Prep doesn’t give a guarantee but offers a 7-day free trial access to interested students. There are three Interact for GRE options from which to choose from and are based on length of access. A month of access costs $349, a three-month access costs $549, and the six-month premium access program goes for $599. Manhattan Prep also offers a Complete GRE course, live or online, for $1,399. Other options include GRE Just Math course for $799 and GRE for MBA for $1,599.

We omitted Khan Academy GRE from this list because it is not a paid course. We also did not review the many GRE practice test PDFs that are out there.

The Bottom Line

While there are many GRE test prep providers out there, we’re proud to say that Achievable GRE stands out among the rest. Our inexhaustible bank of GRE practice questions and the strategies outlined in our easy-to-read and comprehensive online textbook are your secret weapon for success. The course offers excellent value-for-your-money test prep that is personalized, convenient, and effective. With Achievable GRE, you’ll spend less time studying and reach your target score with confidence.

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