How much money can you make in finance? (with finance salary infographics)

Tyler York

Finance jobs are among the most lucrative jobs in the US, with an average finance salary of almost $80,000. The demand is high, but the qualifications can be quite particular , with most positions requiring certifications plus skill in both mathematics/statistics and relationship building.


Because of the demands of the job, financial professionals are rewarded with high pay and many opportunities to work across the industry. You may find employment in the finance department of a private corporation as an analyst or advisor, or work in investment banking and securities.

If you’re searching for a financially fulfilling career, here are some of the jobs in finance with the corresponding range of salary. We’ve used nationwide data for these ranges; if you live in substantially more expensive cities, the salaries will tend to be substantially higher there as well.

Financial Analyst

financial analyst salary

A financial analyst is a type of research analyst who examines data, economic conditions, and market trends to help businesses and investors to identify and make informed decisions on business opportunities. A financial analyst salary might start at $55,000 and might go as high as $77,000 yearly. The average financial analyst salary is $67,500.


Senior Financial Analyst

senior financial analyst salary

Senior financial analysts, aside from poring over data, have the added task of budgeting and tracking the financial progress of the company. They make adjustments to the financial forecast and report such changes to the senior management or the stakeholders. A senior financial analyst salary usually falls between $75,000 and $94,000 per year. The average senior financial analyst salary is $85,657.


Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

chartered financial analyst salary

A chartered financial analyst is a professional designation bestowed by the CFA Institute to financial analysts that pass the CFA exams. It is considered one of the most coveted designations in the industry as it is recognized worldwide and deemed to be the highest standard in the field of financial analysis.

A CFA salary typically ranges from $56,500 – $120,500. The average cfa salary is $95,494. As a senior and experienced certified financial analyst, your salary might go as high as $160,000 a year. 


Financial Advisor


A financial advisor provides assistance and management of a client’s finances, which can include estate planning, investment management, budgeting, insurance, and tax strategies. To be a financial advisor, one typically must hold several securities licenses from FINRA and NASAA. A financial advisor salary tends to range from $45,000 -$81,000 annually. The average financial advisor salary is $70,482.


Finance Manager


Finance managers oversee the daily financial activities of an organization including the budget, accounting, credit, insurance, and tax. They also ensure that financial operations are compliant with all governmental rules and regulations and typically reports to the top management. A finance manager salary can fall between $60,500 and $105,500 a year. The average finance manager salary is $86,480.


Financial Planner


Financial planners are responsible for helping companies and individuals analyze their financial situations to determine the appropriate use of their savings and income to make sound economic investments. A certified financial planner salary might range from $57,000 to $99,000 per year. The average financial planner salary is $78,060. A senior cfp salary might net you $102,000 annually.


Stock Broker

stock broker salary

A stockbroker may also be known as an investment advisor, registered representative, or simply a broker. A stockbroker is a person or firm who buys and sells stocks and other securities for people who want to invest. They also help manage client portfolios and provide advice on investments with the best returns. A typical stock broker salary can range between $48,500 to $87,000 a year. The average stock broker salary is $75,783.


Risk Analyst


A risk analyst is a professional who helps companies identify the risks involved in making a specific business decision by assessing its financial documents, economic conditions, and potential clients. Risk analysts usually work for financial institutions, though any company that manages a substantial amount of money can opt to hire them. A risk analyst salary might fall between $53,500 and $83,000. The average risk analyst salary is $70,802.


Financial Consultant


A financial consultant is essentially the same as a financial advisor and typically works with an individual or corporate client to create financial plans for savings, investments, insurance, and retirement. Most financial consultants get certified in financial planning in order to be able to sell financial products. A financial consultant salary might start at around $50,000 and go up to as $109,000 per year depending on job level and experience. The average financial consultant salary is $81,578.


Real Estate Agent


Professionals working in the real estate field are responsible for facilitating the acquisition of industrial, commercial, and residential land and property. They also sell these properties on behalf of the owners. Some real estate jobs, like real estate agents, help investors find properties to spend on in hopes of a profitable return. A typical real estate salary range is between $52,000 and $100,000 per year. The average real estate agent salary is $82,898.


Salary data collected from ZipRecruiter in August 2020.

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