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Best SIE Prep Course Achievable SIE

Getting into a lucrative career in the financial services field is not a walk in the park. For one, you need to pass several certifications and qualification exams. Some of these required exams even require you to be sponsored by a FINRA member company.

But not for the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam.

If you want to get your foot in the door of a rewarding career in the financial industry, this is a test that you need to take. Passing the SIE will give your application a boost in the right direction. And to make sure you do pass, you need to find the best SIE prep course to ace the exam.

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Achievable FINRA SIE is your tool to conquer this test. It’s the only course that uses advanced memory science technology to ensure you’re studying the material that you personally need help with the most to pass the exam. Our online textbook and SIE practice questions were written exclusively for Achievable by acclaimed FINRA instructor Brandon Rith, who previously led licensing at Fidelity Investments and has helped thousands of learners successfully pass FINRA and NASAA exams. 

Achievable SIE includes our easy-to-read online textbook, 2,000+ review questions, and more than 20 full-length practice exams for only $74. The kicker? You can get started, completely free, without a credit card. Read our chapter on common stock and see for yourself why people love our course.

We’re so confident that Achievable FINRA SIE is the best course that we’ve compiled a list of other test prep vendors and their key marketing points, taken from their own websites. Other sites have ranked Achievable’s SIE course #1, including Test Guide and Reddit, but compare the courses yourself and see why Achievable comes out on top.

Kaplan Financial Education

Kaplan’s SIE prep packages come with instruction options and study tools to fit your learning style and schedule. They have a customizable study calendar to list daily tasks based on the available time frame before your exam date.

They offer three packages that start at $99. The Basic and Essential Study Packages are self-study courses with access to selected tools such as the tips and content updates, practice exam, QBank, and license exam manual. A performance tracker shows your progress and areas where you need to improve. 

Kaplan’s Premium Study Package is divided into two types, both with access to all the available study tools, including class notes, checkpoint exam, mastery exam, instructor link, and video library. The OnDemand Class gives you access to instructional videos, while the live online class allows you to participate in a scheduled live online class. The Premium study preps start at $199.

You have access to Kaplan’s SIE course for five months. You can also request to extend that access for another five months for $49.

Knopman Marks

One of the more expensive SIE tests preps out there, Knopman Marks offers both self-study courses at $200 and in-person or live training at $225. If you’re living in New York, you can attend an in-person class; else, you can join a scheduled online class.

You can opt to get the self-study and live training courses as a bundle for $425 if you want. Either way, you’ll have access to all their diagnostic and assessment exams, video lectures, mobile app, digital flashcards, a textbook, personal instructor access, class supplements, and more. Knopman Marks is particularly common in the investment banking sector.

You have access to all their materials for up to one year.

Securities Training Corporation

Offering a number of study options, Securities Training Corporation (STC) SIE test prep packages start at $119. Their Premier Plus packages include on-demand lectures and flashcards, access to the instructor hotline, course updates, online and printed study manuals, progress exams, and the STC Pass Guarantee. Students have access to all the materials for six months.

STC also offers the option to purchase courses or the study preps individually. What this means is that SIE exam students can opt for just, say, the flashcards or the on-demand lectures for $65 and $145, respectively. They can also join a scheduled virtual class for $199, where they will be given a printed study manual and access to their SIE Final Exam. 

For people who do well in face-to-face lectures, STC also has in-person classes starting at around $240. That course gives students access to the study prep for six months as well.


ExamFX offers three types of study packages for the SIE, namely the Self-Study, Video Study, and Live Online. Fees for the packages range from $100 to about $210.

The Self-Study package includes access to their interactive learning portal, instructor support, a readiness assessment, the guarantee exam, and more. The Video Study package, meanwhile, features online flashcards and on-demand video lectures. The Live Online package includes everything from the previous packages mentioned, with the addition of live online training.

ExamFX also offers a guarantee. At the end of the training, if you take the SIE within three days and fail —  even after scoring 80% or above on their guarantee exam — ExamFX will refund the cost of the material.

Solomon Exam Prep

Aside from offering SIE prep packages, Solomon offers unbundled study materials and resources for a customizable option. The cheapest resource is the flashcard pack, which costs about $40. The most expensive of the individual test preps are the exam simulator, which costs about $70.

Solomon Exam Prep offers four packages to choose from, namely Essentials, Video Premium, Audio Premium, and Total. The most basic of packages start at $100, where students receive access to the online study guide, exam simulator, and support from a professor. The most expensive package is about $216, which features add-ons like the flashcards, video lectures, and audiobooks. Multisession live classes are also available at a scheduled time for $200.


Achievable FINRA SIE is the best value-for-your-money SIE test prep course and is personalized, convenient, and effective. With Achievable, you’ll spend less time studying and pass the SIE exam the first time, guaranteed.

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Achievable's SIE course includes our easy-to-understand online textbook, 2,000+ review questions, and 35+ full-length practice exams.
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