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Announcing Achievable v2

Achievable v2 Student Experience

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Achievable v2: our new learning platform which integrates personalized, memory-based quizzes with the structure of a full, online textbook.

Achievable v1 gave us much to be proud of: multiple Fortune 500 clients, students that graduated and went on to companies like Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, Edward Jones, Blackrock, and Wells Fargo, and a best-in-class product that trains students more effectively and in less time than anything else in the industry.

Achievable v2 completely reworks the way we present and track content to give you an even better study experience. Students can first learn the content in a structured textbook format, and then reinforce their knowledge with memory-tracked flashcards, backed by our proven learning algorithm that measures and improves your memory retention over time. Best of all, everything is still designed to work perfectly wherever you want to study, be it on your smartphone, tablet, or on your computer.

Our first exam with Achievable v2 is the FINRA Securities Industry Essentials Exam, a.k.a. the SIE. This test was released in October by FINRA, and is a prerequisite to attaining a FINRA certification (such as the Series 6, Series 7, or Series 79) for work in the finance industry. What makes the SIE Exam unique is that you can take this exam before applying to finance roles, giving students and career switchers a unique opportunity to show their competency in the industry before they apply. Learn more about the SIE Exam on our “What’s the SIE?” page.


Brandon Rith, FINRA Expert and Founder of Basic Wisdom

Brandon Rith, FINRA Expert and Founder of Basic Wisdom


We also want to introduce the man who made this course possible, Brandon Rith, an acclaimed FINRA instructor with 15+ years of finance and licensing experience and Founder of FINRA tutoring firm Basic Wisdom. Brandon’s resume speaks for itself: he was awarded Fidelity Investment’s Excellence in Action winner for Licensing Facilitation 8 times and was the #1 nationally ranked Licensing Facilitator for Fidelity Investments for 2015 and 2016. His goals match with ours perfectly: to make finance content approachable. The result is a course that is quick, easy, and even fun to read – while still giving you a deep understanding of the material covered by the FINRA SIE Exam.

You can try the new Achievable FINRA SIE Exam product for free – click here to get started.

Achievable v2 reflects our renewed focus on helping people achieve their dreams by attaining the job, promotion, or certification that they are reaching for. We’re actively seeking new partners for other professional certifications and career advancement exams, so if you’re interested in working with us,, please reach out to us on our Contact Page.

Wishing you the best in your studies and career,

Justin, Tyler, and the Achievable Team

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