ACT buy one get one offer for December 2023 test date

Tyler York

The ACT announced a special, limited time promotion for ACT test takers! Those that register for the December 2023 ACT test date will receive a promotional code to be able to take another ACT test for free – a $68 value! The eligible 2024 ACT test dates for the promo code are February 10th, April 13th, June 8th, and July 13th.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of “Superscoring”, which is where you combine your highest section score from each of the ACT tests you’ve taken into a “Superscore”. For instance, if:

  • December: You score 35 on the ACT Math, and 30 on the ACT Reading
  • February: You score 32 on the ACT Math and 32 on the ACT Reading
  • Super score: You can submit a 35 on the ACT Math and a 32 on the ACT Reading

Super scoring gives you the ability to employ a useful prioritization strategy: between tests, focus on your weak score areas and upkeep but not focus on the areas you scored well in. In the example above, if you scored a 35 on the ACT Math in December, then you know you’re probably good in that section, and can focus on improving your weakest scoring categories. Just make sure the colleges you’re applying to take ACT Superscores before counting on this.

The deadline to register for the December 2023 ACT is November 3rd, so get on it!

ACT buy one get one promotion terms and conditions

When you register for the December 2023 ACT test date, you will receive a discount code in your email no later than December 18th, 2023. This code must be used by January 31st, 2024.

Students who register for the December 2023 ACT using their fee waiver program will not be eligible for this promotion. However, you can still apply for a fee waiver for all of the ACT tests you take via the ACT Fee Waiver Program.

People who have already registered for the December 2023 ACT are not eligible for this promotion.

This discount code does not include the ACT Writing section, which is an additional fee of $25.

The discount code is non transferable, and does not apply to change fees, late fees, or standby fees.

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