How Achievable Works: A Beginner’s Experience

How Achievable Works: A Beginner’s Experience

Alex here, I work on the Marketing team at Achievable. I wanted to share the experience of my first try at Achievable for the Series 7. My background is in engineering, and my only finance education was an introductory class. So, I’m a great candidate to see how effective Achievable really is.

Day 1 – First impressions
After a very affirming “Let’s get started!” message, I see the Dashboard for the first time.  It’s clearly laid out, with a few things already standing out that will be important for me:

  • Available Material – lessons to study and review
  • Content Progress – which shows that I have a LOT to do 🙂
  • Upcoming Workload – which shows when items will be ready for learning through the spaced repetition method, I assume.

There’s other important stuff, but I’m ready to jump in and see how this process works.  So, I hit the green “Study” button and I’m ready to roll.


Now I’m into the study flow. The system presents a set of facts to learn. I thought they might be super-long paragraphs with super deep details, but nope, each fact is usually a line or two. It’s pretty easy to pick up on what’s happening.


Sometimes, knowledge items are trivia facts or definitions, and sometimes they’re simple math concepts.  Each item is really manageable. So far, I’m definitely not overwhelmed.  Every few questions, Achievable brings back the facts you’ve just learned for a mini quiz. You can review in case you have already forgotten, which actually happened to me once or twice :).  It won’t let you go on without having you answer the question again properly.


End of Day 1: I’ve spent 15.9 minutes studying. Well, I didn’t want to over-do it :).  I can see on the Upcoming Workload section that I’ll be able to review some items tomorrow.

Day 2
Alright, I’m back at it. Today, there’s a new quote of the day, and I can see there are 20 items that I’m able to review now. I’ve made some progress on the Content meters from my work yesterday.


Today’s facts and figures are no more strenuous than yesterday’s. Some of them have a little bit of math in them.


I decided to play around with the size of the window. If you make it too small, Achievable tells you to re-orient your device so you can see the content, and it’s nice that you don’t lose your place when this happens.

With one of the trickier study items, I just couldn’t seem to get it right. Achievable was not satisfied to let me just move on. It fed me the same quiz question four times until I finally nailed it. The system changes the order of the answers, so it looks more like a fresh question every time.

Every so often, Achievable asks how well you remember a particular fact. For difficult areas, it questions you more about the material.


I have developed a warm feeling for the “Waiting…” message/icons after you finish a round of questions – it’s like I have vanquished my enemies. Plus, the icons are so cool.  After learning some new material, I hit the 20 review questions that were lined up. I got them all right!

Well, it has been smooth sailing today. As my day 2 studies draw to a close, I feel pretty confident that I can divide and conquer all the material… or that the system will basically do this for me, as long as I keep up. My Upcoming Workload shows lots more I’ll be able to review soon. I’m already 2% of the way toward being test-ready.


Day 3: To the app!
Actually, while I decided to study with Achievable on my phone, I didn’t have to install an app. You just use the browser. I sign in, and the Dashboard adapts well to the small screen, with a little scrolling (shout out to my fellow cheapskates still using the Samsung S5).


Today, there are lots of questions to review. Quickly, I discovered that Achievable runs just as smoothly as any app would.


I got most of the review questions right but missed a handful. The system brings back knowledge items again when you miss them. Sometimes, it simply asks if you know the material.


While this adds to the number of questions in front of you, it seems like a good idea to hit that stuff again anyway.

Every so often, I notice that I might not exactly think I “know” the answer, but the right choice just “feels” right. It’s like Achievable has tapped some deep part of my psyche…  Hey, whatever works.

End of Day 3. The Content Progress meters look better than ever.


Conclusion So Far
Achievable is definitely not your grandfather’s book learning. The experience feels remarkably different from sitting down with a textbook. It’s actually refreshing that each bit of information is presented by itself and quizzed pretty soon afterward… and reviewed again at the right time. I would even dare to say it’s kind of fun.

While I’m learning, I find myself concerned that I won’t remember various facts, but when they come back around, I seem to recall them more easily that I would expect.  This is genuinely clever. Kudos to the Achievable team, this is pretty cool!

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